Kitto katsu

Kitto Katsu was created to provide hope and prosperity to crypto investors. The name Kitto Katsu originated from the Japanese “Kitto Katsu“, which translates to “you will surely win“. The word “Kitto” in Japanese means “surely or absolutely”, and the word “katsu” means “Bound to win“.

About Kitto Katsu

Kitto Katsu is a community-driven BEP20 token and NFT project on the Binance Smart Chain network.

Kitto Katsu aims to bring a new credibility to the BSC space, through transparency and being driven by community participation and decision making.

Kitto Katsu is community-driven, focused on building strong foundations through its core values; transparency, inclusion, engagement and respect.

​The tokenomics have been designed to reward holders generously, and allow for further growth of our community.

Kitto Katsu ($KITKAT) offers holders the opportunity to earn passive income via the 8% reflections received in BUSD💰direct to their wallets; just sit back and enjoy the power of De-Fi 3.0.

$KITKAT also features a 2% Buy Back mechanism that will help maintain stability on the chart and provide investors with greater confidence in their investment.

The NFT project features CHUNKY Samurai fighters. Draped in customary Japanese fighting attire, and features traditional Samurai weapons.

Rewarding our holders is important to us. We offer weekly giveaways, paid in BUSD, and reward our hardest working contributors to show our appreciation.

$KITKAT Contract:


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